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About our course

It has always been the ethos of the creative team that worked with me over the years, that the client was first and foremost, when it came to creating a space for them. Our skill as interior designers was not about expressing our own creativity, but in interpreting the clients needs, developing their style, and finally giving them a space that transcends fashion and is crucially within budget.

It is this experience, which has been captured for you now in this series of videos, that I want to impart to you. I want to show you how to find your style and how to create a home that is uniquely yours, whatever your budget. You will learn how to draw up your plans to scale, how to choose flooring, furniture, lighting, colour schemes and especially how to add those touches that bring your space alive, and give it that professional edge.

Come with me on this journey!


10 Videos

We have compressed 35 years of experience and fine tuned this course with visuals to ensure that you learn the essential and most relevant techniques of design.

10 Videos

Lesson summary of the course with the most important points, including templates to help you with the process of learning.

10 Videos

We understand that your time is valuable, therefore you can enjoy the flexibility of learning this course at your own pace.

10 Videos

We deliver this course in an easy and understandable way, which is ideal for first-time designers.

10 Videos

A small investment for a professional interior design skill set.

Lesson Plan

1.  WHO IS BREDA? Our designer presents herself and reveals her wide range of experience, introducing you to the world of Interior Design.
2.  STYLE You will be shown how to find your own style and how to make it work in your space.
3.  PLAN Drawing a room to scale will be made easy.
4.  BUDGET How to assess your needs within your budget.
5.  FURNITURE You will be guided through the process of selecting quality furniture and how to buy the right pieces to reflect your style and requirements.
6.  COLOUR Pulling colour schemes together through the use of paint, wallpapers, fabrics, patterns and textures to achieve something that is uniquely yours.
7.  TEXTURE We will cover all the tactile finishes from the tiled floors to the timber paneling through to the linens wools and velvets used in Interiors.
8.  LIGHTING Here you find out how to use both natural and artificial lighting to its best advantage to ensure good mood and drama.
9.  FLOORING As it is such a permanent fixture in your home, you will gain the expertise to select the flooring which is right for you.
10.  HINTS & TIPS Finally, the additional touches that makes your home stand out from the crowd. The position of a quirky container of flowers, the selection of art, the carefully curated antique pieces, all this will add imeasurably to your home.